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Ferns - Wet Cyanotype | Limited Edition Print

$60.00 USD

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Wet Cyanotype Photogram 


Edition of 10

8.5x11 inches

Each print signed and numbered by the artist

Archival fine art prints produced by the University of Toledo Art Print Center. Frame not included. 

Cyanotype is a 170-year-old cameraless photographic printing process. The distinctive dark greenish-blue is the result of combining equal parts of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. The final print is created by placing objects onto the sensitized paper with the action of ultraviolet light. The wet process is a variation of the traditional cyanotype method, where the coated surface is damp during exposure. Additional spices and solutions such as salt, paprika, and apple cider vinegar produce unique interactions and color variations. 

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